Interbev Business Strategy  Advice on import and export of products.

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With specialization in the food and the beverage sector, Interbev Business Strategy assists Brazilian and foreign companies to access new markets, implementing commercial, administrative and logistics strategies in accordance with the client’s needs, aiming for long term organic growth.
The company has professional global experts in the food and beverage market, with certifications such as Business Management, Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) and Winemaker.

Fabiano Maciel, Advice on import and export of products.


Founding Partner of Interbev, graduated in Foreign Trade Administration and Postgraduate in International Business, with more than 20 years of professional experience in the food and beverage industry, assisting companies as Familia Torres (Spain), Miolo Wine Group (Brazil), Miguel Torres Chile, Vina Santa Rita and Vina Almaviva (Chile), Casa Vinícola Zonin, Podere San Cristoforo and Michele Chiarlo Winery (Italy), Grupo Penaflor and Bodegas Séptima (Argentina), Baron Philippe de Rothschild e Domaines Paul Jaboulet Aine (France), Chateau St. Michelle (U.S.A), Bodega Narbona (Uruguay), Symington Family Estates (Portugal) and Halewood International (United Kingdom), especially in prospecting and opening new markets, customers and suppliers.
Respected professional, with international recognition and awards. Actively participates in strategic negotiations, reporting to corporate boards.


Interbev Business Strategy is a company that offers security during food and beverage import and export negotiations. We support our customers from market research to marketing their products.
We have strategic partners in providing statistical data, importing and distributing products and monitoring sales teams.
We work hard to validate information via research and knowledge of the active market, helping companies achieve success in Brazil and abroad.

We offer security during food and beverage import and export negotiations. From market research to commercialization.


Is currently is today the most attractive wine market in the world, according to studies by Wine Intelligence. This status is partly due to an increase in the wine-drinking population, which now comprises 32 million adults who drink wine once a month, as compared to 29.7 million in 2016.


In recent years, we have seen an interesting global trend: more consumers around the world claim to be interested in wine; at the same time, general knowledge about it - such as grape varieties, styles and producing regions, is in decline. In other words, we are seeing the emergence of an audience that consumes wine considerably but wants to know little about it.

Wine consumption in Brazil

wine consumption growth in Brazil


Sparkling wines continued to grow globally, driven by consumer markets such as Brazil, China and Canada.


Is critical in the food and beverage category, as branding is a way to simplify complex decision making. The “mark” on the label may even include descriptive information - such as grape varieties and regions - but what is increasingly important is to provide visual cues that generate trust, recognition and are pleasing to the consumer's eyes.


In countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany, more consumers are adopting a healthy lifestyle, exercising more often, and seeking a balanced diet. In this context, low alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages are gaining ground over other traditional options.


• Company diagnostic
• Guidance on business plan creation
• Implementation of good administrative practices
• Performance indicator analysis
• Cost reduction in international operations
• International logistics (through partenerships)
• Customs clearance (through partenerships)
• Tax advice (through partenerships)


• Portfolio management for producers and importers
• Direct sales management (Off Trade Channel)
• Sales team creation
• Local sales promoters team
• Support and follow up at international fairs
• Creation and application of trainings
• Potential customer mailing creation (On Trade Channel)
• Representative of the main “negotiants” of Bordeaux


• Preparation and presentation of market researches
• Product development or adaptation to meet the target market
• Guidance in creating a marketing plan
• Press office (through partenerships)



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